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  • All of my Jewelry is covered on my homeowner’s policy, correct? No.  Most homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas only have a total of $500 in coverage for ALL of your Jewelry, Watches, & Furs combined.  You can increase that limit or individually list out the major pieces that you own to provide coverage.
  • If something is stolen out of my car, I should file a claim on my auto insurance, right? No. Your personal property is covered under your homeowner’s policy.
  • Flood damage is covered on my homeowner’s policy, right? No.  Damage caused by flooding, i.e. rising water from the outside, is only covered by a flood insurance policy.  Please contact us and we can prepare a quote for you.
  • If I move and decide to rent out my house, I don’t need to change anything, correct?  No.  Almost every insurance company has a requirement for a homeowner policy that it must be “owner-occupied”.   You will need to change the policy to a Dwelling policy if you no longer live there.
  • If I move out of my house and it is vacant while we have it on the market, is the insurance still in force?  No.  Every homeowner’s policy has what is called a “vacancy clause” in it.  Some limit the coverage while the home is vacant.  Some give you 60 days to sell it.  Some give you Zero days of coverage.  There are special “vacancy policies” that are needed to ensure proper coverage.

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