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In the state of Texas , there are big differences between policies
for an owner-occupied house and a tenant-occupied house.

If you move and decide to keep your old house for rental income,
you will need to change your insurance policy to a tenant-occupied
policy. A tenant-occupied home insurance policy is called a TDP or Dwelling/Fire

The following key characteristics can vary from one company to
another on a TDP policy:

  • The existence and amount of water damage coverage. Most
    TDP policies have $0 in water coverage for losses caused
    by a broken pipe or appliance, etc.
  • Whether �falling object� are covered. The best example
    of this is a tree that falls on your house.
  • Few TDP policies provide liability protection. However,
    we do have some that will.
  • Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value Coverage � replacement
    cost coverage will pay the full amount to replace your house,
    roof, etc (up to your policy limit). Actual cash value coverage
    will subtract depreciation from the replacement amount in
    the pay-out.

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